Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Micah Heath Garner

I am so grateful for my sweet Micah. Honestly, I must have done something really right to have been the lucky one chosen to be his mother. He is sweet, kind, a good helper around the house, gentle and loving with Abby, and just an overall good kid. He loves to play and considers everyone his friend. He looks forward to preschool and speech everyday because he considers his teachers and fellow students as friends. He is always drawing a picture and telling me he wants to give it to his teacher. Almost every time I pick him up, he is standing next to someone and has invited that person over to our house. The other day, he was standing next to one of the girls in his class. When I got to the door to get him, he said, "Mom, can she come over?" I said,"Who?" He then goes over to the little girl and says, "Do you want to come to my house and play Star Wars?" She smiled and said, "Yeah!" With a huge smile on his face, he turns to me and said, "She said 'yes'! She likes Star Wars too!"

Being friendly is only one of the qualities I admire in Micah. He also understands how to treat Abby. He knows that she is smaller than him, so he understands about being gentle, but he also really knows her, protects her, and looks out for her. Today, she was crying and I kept offering her things like milk, crackers, toys, hugs, kisses, etc. But, nothing seemed to work. Micah walked over to her, hugged her and said, "She just wants to play mom. Sit down. Let's play." It worked too. That's exactly what Abby wanted.

Thank you Micah, for being my example.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tons to Catch up on

I haven't been very good at updating my blog lately. So, here goes...
We spent Christmas in Rexburg this year (pictures a bit later in this post). We couldn't take all of Micah and Abby's presents with us, so we had another Christmas when we got back to Utah. Here is a picture of Micah and Abby having a tea party on Abby's new table and chairs. They are so cute and just the right size.

Abby playing in the ball pit. Both kids love this thing!

Micah playing with his new tool set. The tools are really cute and quite life-like.

Uncle Ian got Rock Band for Christmas. The whole time we were in Idaho, the Garner brothers played this thing non-stop. Micah got in on the action too and he loved it!

This is a picture of Abby on Christmas morning. Micah got her this purse and he was so proud of it. When we went Christmas shopping, he was certain that he wanted to get Abby a purse. We looked everywhere until we found just the right one- a cute, pink and white one. Micah was right, Abby loves it and carries it around everyday.

Here is Abby trying to put on the new shirt that Jared and Stephanie got her. It's really cute and says, "Here comes trouble" on the front of it. It's perfect for Abby.

Here is Micah opening the remote control car that Jeremy got for him. It's a cool, red Corvette.

Micah and Ethan opening presents.

Abby pushing her baby in the stroller Santa got her.

Here is Abby playing with her new tea set. It talks and even teaches manners. It's perfect for her little table.

Micah with his Bat Cave. He wanted 3 things for Christmas- this and...

these. A red light-saber and a Storm Trooper Helmet. He was so happy to see that Santa got them all for him.

This is a picture of Gammy and Popi's tree. It was huge and so pretty. Abby had a hard time staying away from it. It had so many lights and pretty things to play with.

On December 15th, we had a Dunn family Christmas Party. Here is Micah posing with his gift from Grandma and Grandpa. It's a really cool track that goes along with the characters from the movie, "Cars."

Santa even came to the party! As you can see, Micah and Zoey loved it. Abby wasn't too sure.

See what I mean?

This picture is actually from a little earlier in the day on the 15th. Micah had a Christmas party for all his friends in the neighborhood. Santa was there and everyone had a blast.

Here are just a few random shots of the kids. This picture is of Abby playing in one of her favorite spots- the kitchen cupboards. I think she looks so grown up too. She's not a baby anymore. :(

Heath bought the kids Santa hats. They wore them around a few days before Christmas. I didn't get a good one of Micah though.

Abby in her snow hat.

Abby's beautiful blue eyes.

Micah and his friend, James playing in the toy box. And I thought toys were supposed to go in there?

Micah proudly gazing at the cookies he decorated all by himself.

Our Christmas tree. I really wanted a cute pic of Micah and Abby sitting underneath the tree, but we couldn't get Abby to sit still long enough.

Isn't Micah a handsome kid?

My cute boy.

This is a picture of Heath's birthday. I asked Micah what we should get daddy for his birthday and he said, "A game." I said, "What kind of game?" Micah thought for a minute and said, "Gator Golf!" He had seen it advertised on tv and I think he thought this was a clever way to get it for himself.

Dad opening his birthday presents. You can see how much Micah loves presents.

Micah and Abby all dressed up and ready for church.

I am really fortunate that Micah and Abby play really well together. In this picture, Micah was teaching Abby to dance. She loved it!

A rare moment- both of them sitting still.

Micah is very sweet with Abby. He is gentle and loving. Abby adores him and follows him everywhere.

We spent Thanksgiving in Annabella with my family. After we ate our traditional turkey dinner, we made Gingerbread houses. Below is the one that Cory, Danae, Zoey and Colston made. Danae is so creative and artistic. I was amazed at how she was able to build and decorate this.

Beau and one of his roommates, Layne made this one. It was actually a Gingerbread Temple.

And here is ours. The roof kept caving in, so we finally decided to do most of it flat. In the end, we called it a Gingerbread Wigwam. Micah loved it though and when we brought it home, he showed his little friend, Kate'lynn. They even made plans to eat it once Christmas was over.