Thursday, June 28, 2007

Family Update

I got a ton of emails from family and friends that we haven't seen or talked to in years. I guess that's really the purpose of a blog- to keep people updated and to bring people together. Anyway, I was asked to post an update on our family and to let everyone know a little bit more about us and what's been happening in our lives over the past few years.

Well, the biggest thing to happen to us in the past few years is the birth of our first child, Micah Heath Garner. He was born on April 15, 2005. He is 2-years-old now and is a typical two-year-old. He loves to play and is very social. We loves kids and it doesn't matter if they are one or five, he will run right up to them and start playing. He loves to play outside, especially if he can run, swim in his pool, ride his bike, or run through the sprinklers. He has a Disney book that he absolutely loves to look at and he points something out on just about every page.

Micah is a very sweet little boy. Last Friday, we went to a party at our friend's house. They had a giant parachute and were playing a game where some people get underneath the parachute while others stand around the edges and hold onto the parachute. The people underneath are called, "Sharks" and try to pull the other people underneath with them. Heath was holding onto the edge of the parachute and one of the sharks was trying to pull him under. Micah saw this and immediately got a concerned look on his face. He ran over to me and started pointing at Heath and yelling, "Daddy! Daddy!" Everyone at the party thought it was so cute because Micah thought his daddy was being hurt. He was coming to mommy to get help.

Also, this morning as I was leaning over the toilet going through my morning sickness routine, Micah walked over to me, started rubbing my leg, and said, "Okay, mommy? Okay?" He gets really concerned about the people he loves.

Our second child is due on October 15th, but if all goes accordingly, she will be born on October 9th. She will be born with a scheduled c-setion, so that's how we know the exact date. It's kind of fun to know that so we can plan things out. Those of you that know me well, know that I'm a huge planner. :)

Heath has been working as a Compliance Auditor for the Bank of American Fork for four years now. It's a challenging job and you wouldn't believe the manual of regulations he has to know. I think it probably weighs 20 pounds. As a little perk, yesterday, his boss sent Heath and the other Auditors to a motivational speech given by Mark Eaton. Heath got to meet Mark Eaton and spent some time talking with him. Heath was really impressed with Mr. Eaton and came away feeling quite motivated. :)

Heath also runs his own Accounting/Bookkeeping business. He also serves as a Deacon's/Scouts leader in our ward, so he's always doing something fun with the boys. But, with everything he's involved in, he is still able to find time to golf. :) You can find him at Hobble Creek several times a week.

I am still working for the State Health Department as a Child Care Licensing Specialist. Basically, I'm a health inspector for child care facilities. It's an interesting job and I do enjoy it. I also teach the 5/6 year old children in Primary. I have 11 kids in the class and they are a handful. My favorite time though, is my time at home with Micah and Heath.

I got a lot of questions about our basement too, so here is a quick update. When it is finished, it will be 2 bedrooms, a family room, laundry room, and a bathroom. One of the bedrooms will become Heath's office though.

Upstairs, the only remodeling we did was to replace the carpet. As soon as the basement is finished, we will move Heath's office down there and then move Micah's room. Micah's current room is quite small, so we decided that it would be better to move him and then use his current room as the nursery for the new baby. As soon as we get Micah's room moved, we will be transitioning him to a regular bed, so wish us luck with that. And, as soon as we have that done and are in a good routine, we will start potty training him. I really want to have that done by the time the new baby is born.

Anyway, I hope that answers some questions. Please email anytime because we love hearing from all of you!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Micah's 2nd Birthday

Micah turned 2 in April, so I thought I would post some pics from his party. We had a lot of fun that day. Just about everyone from both sides of the family was able to come, and we really appreciated that. Micah loved the attention and seemed to understand that all the fuss was over him. Enjoy!

Our First Post

Hi all! My sister-in-law gave me the idea to start a blog. I thought it was a great idea, so I decided to join in the fun and start one for my family. So, here it is- The Garner's first post!

Things are going well for us. The basement is really close to being done. The bathroom, plumbing, and finish electrical are all that is left. We're really excited about having it done. We especially can't wait to start spending some time down there because it stays really cool.

Micah is doing GREAT!!! He was sick yesterday and had to be picked up from daycare because he was throwing up. When we got home, he just wanted to sleep. He took a 4-hour nap. It made me nervous that he was sleeping so long, so I checked on him about a thousand times, but each time he was snoring away. When he woke up, he was really hungry. Heath had bought Micah one of his favorite dishes- Fried Rice from Great China. He ate just about all of it.

Micah loves the warm weather and really likes to swim in his little pool. He also loves to play in the sprinklers. His language development seems to be getting better every day. His favorite word right now is, "No!" He especially likes to wave his little finger at me and say, "No mommy!"

Heath is doing well and is still working at the Bank. He also started his own Accounting/Bookkeeping business and is doing really well with that. He's accepting clients, so if you know of anyone who might need some Accounting/Bookkeeping work, please refer him. :)

I am doing well too. The pregnancy is coming along well. I am 24 weeks along. For those of you that don't know, we found out that the baby is a girl. We're really excited about that. She will be named, "Valerie." Her middle name will either be "J" or "Ann", we haven't decided for sure yet. She is due in early October, and we can't wait to meet her!