Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Guess What I Got for Valentine's Day?

This.... And it smells divine!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Over all, Bad day!

Today was just a bad day.

It started @ 5:30 a.m. when my husband's alarm went off. He's been having to be at work by 6:00 a.m. the last few days. Abby is the lightest sleeper in the world, so every little creek and peep awakens her. So, she decided to get up at that horrible hour. I haven't even mentioned yet that she had already woken up twice during the night anyway. So, the fact that I have literally not slept an entire night in three years, already makes me a bit cranky in the mornings. Anyway, by 9:30 a.m. I had dropped Abby off at a friend's house while I went to volunteer in Micah's classroom. Volunteering was fun- always is. But, Micah's teacher is not one to communicate with parent's. In fact, she takes great pains to avoid parents. Needing to talk to her today, I tried to approach her a couple different times. Each time, she created something to get in the way so she would not have to talk to me. I stayed with Micah because he wanted me to have lunch with him. That was great too, except that I had forgotten I had planned lunch with a friend. So, I had two lunches today. Both were awesome! In the meantime though, I locked my keys in my car, was running late to pick up Abby from her friend's house, which made us late for preschool. On the way to preschool, Abby fell asleep and was not in a good mood when I woke her. Usually, she adores going to school, but she did not want to go today. She kept saying that she was tired and wanted her bed. I should have just taken her home and crawled in bed with her. But no, I convinced her to go to school, then went to meet my friend for lunch. As I drove to the restaurant, my mom called to tell me that a friend from high school had committed suicide earlier in the day. My heart sank and I felt horrible as I remembered several stories of this person. Lunch was very nice, as my friend, Jeanine and I can always chat for hours and have such a good time. But, today, I only had one hour before I had to return to get Abby from preschool. So, as our lunch came to an end and we wandered out to the parking lot, I could not remember where I had parked. I know that sounds super spacey, but for some reason, I am just like that. I have no sense of direction and getting lost is not a new thing for me. Today though, I could not find it. Finally, Jeanine and I drove up and down each lane of the gigantic parking lot until we found my car. This made me late to pick up Abby. Did I mention that there is a fee at her preschool for late pick-up? Oh yeah, and somewhere in all of this, I ran around doing errands for my church calling, wrote and responded to about 100 emails concerning said calling, and had a personal issue (which I will not reveal). By this time, Abby had fallen asleep in the car again, but I couldn't just take her home and put her in her own bed (which she begged for the entire way home until she fell asleep), because it was now time to pick up Micah from school. So, I go to the school, pick him up, find out that he too had a rough day, get home just in time to run in the house and get Micah ready for swim lessons. During this time, Abby is crying uncontrollably (poor girl is so tired) and Micah is having a meltdown as he tells me about his day. We finally get to swim lessons, five minutes late, go to the balcony to watch and a little boy walks past Abby. Abby is the friendliest, most loving little girl ever, so she thinks he's a friend there to play with her. She looks at me and says, "Look mom. It's a friend." Unfortunately, this little boy did not want to be friends and immediately went up to Abby and grabbed her toy. Abby is loving, but not a pushover. She will defend herself and her property, so she grabbed it back. Then, the little boy tried to push her. Not gonna happen with mama bear around. I gently went over to the situation and removed Abby before anything happened. A few minutes later, Abby wanted to try to play with this little boy again, so she walked up to him and handed him her toy. What did he do? He took it and then yelled right in her face. It seriously scared her to death. She started crying- the kind of broken hearted cry that just kills me. So, I picked her up again, and we just left the balcony.

By this time, Micah's lesson is over, so I take him into the locker room and hastily inform him that he just needs to get dressed and forgo a shower because I have to be at a church function at 5:30 p.m. It is now 5:05 p.m . Micah didn't really like that because he enjoys taking a shower at the pool. I think the novelty is fun for him, and normally, I indulge him that. So, he's resisting, Abby is still tired and quite fussy, and quite frankly, I am exhausted. We rush home to find that Heath can't leave work at the expected time, which makes me totally late for the church function that I had been asked to help with. So, here I am trying to track down my friend to let her know that I can't be there to help her set up for this function. She was counting on me and I felt like the worst person ever to have to call her. Finally, Heath got home and I left for the function. Fortunately, for this day, the church function was great! It was actually a Young Women's event, but six of our Primary girls were involved because they will enter YW this year. It was truly a blessing to see them get excited about this important step in their lives.

Feeling a little better, I get home still not in bed, kids fighting, and a bedroom wall written upon with a black Sharpie.

Seriously, is this the worst day ever or what?