Sunday, November 27, 2011

This is What I am Thankful For

This is what I am thankful for...

And the knowledge that we are a forever family.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Jr Jazz Basketball

Micah played Jr. Jazz basketball in October. To say he had a blast would be an understatement. He keeps asking when he can play again. The league was for 1st & 2nd graders and was still sort of an instructional league. The would practice for the first 30 minutes and then play another team the last 30 minutes.

Micah's coaches were very patient and extremely nice. The one on the left is John. The one on the right is Robbie.

One of Micah's favorite things to do was to throw the ball in. He would race to the sideline each time, hoping to be the one who got to throw it in.

Practice time. Taking turns shooting.
I'm open! I'm open!
Shoot it!
Micah got pretty good at dribbling and handling the ball.

He was pretty bummed that the season ended so quickly. They only had eight games. He was so excited to learn that he can play again in January.

Abby and I had fun watching Micah play. She would stand on the sidelines and cheer, "Go Micah!"

We can't wait to start another season of Jr. Jazz Basketball!