Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Funny Story & Abby's Teething

Last nite, Micah was playing in his room. All of the sudden, he ran into the Master bedroom where Heath, Abby and I were. He said that his finger hurt and he showed me where he had ripped part of his fingernail. His fingernail was just kind of hanging there, barely attached. I told him to get the fingernail clippers and daddy would fix his finger. Well, Micah walks into the bathroom, opens the drawer that holds the nail clippers, gets them out, and the proceeds to cut his own fingernail. After he had fixed it himself, he put the clippers back in the drawer, held up his finger and said, "All better." We laughed so hard! I guess now that he is 3, he's Mr. Independent. :)

Abby is teething. You can see two teeth on the bottom about to cut through anytime now. It's been quite painful for her too. She is constantly chewing on her hands and toys, and is drooling like crazy. I can't wait until they are finally in so I can get a cute pic. Stay tuned...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Micah's Birthday Party & Other Pics

We had Micah's birthday party yesterday. His actual birthday isn't until April 15th though. We had lots of fun and Micah loved the presents and attention. The party wasn't until 5:00p.m. and he could hardly stand the wait. All day, he kept asking for "My birthday." It was so cute. When 5:00 finally rolled around, we had planned to eat dinner, open presents, and then finish off with cake and ice cream. Well, as soon as Micah saw the mound of presents sitting on the table, he couldn't take it anymore. We ended up doing presents right then. It worked out well though because then the kids had new things to play with and the adults were able to eat and do some socializing. All in all, it was a great day and Micah loved it!
Here are a few pics from the party, as well as a few shots of other things that have happened recently. Our household is always a lot of fun because we have two beautiful children that are growing and learning new things on a daily basis.
Here is picture I took just before Micah's party. Micah is all dressed up in his new birthday outfit. Of course, I had to get Abby all dressed up too. Aren't they the cutest?

Here is Micah on his new Hot Wheels Big Wheel. This was his birthday gift from mom and dad. We held it out until very last. After he had opened all his gifts, Heath wheeled this out. Micah got very excited and immediately ran over and climbed on it. Even with the seat pushed up as far as it will go, he can't reach the pedals. So, we're going to have to get some block pedals put on it soon. Micah manages quite well though, he scoots around on it and has a lot of fun.

Here is Micah digging in to a piece of his birthday cake. The cars you see next to him are from the top of the cake. We had a "Cars" themed party, complete with Lightning McQueen plates, napkins, and real "Cars" characters on top of the cake.

Lately, Micah's favorite thing to do is gather a bunch of his little cars, sit in the middle of the kitchen floor, and play crash up derby. He throws the cars all over the place and crashes them into each other. It's really quite entertaining to watch.
Abby has been eating cereal now for almost two weeks. She absolutely loves it! Here is a picture of her enjoying her new favorite food.

A couple of weekends ago, we visited my parents in Annabella. Here is a very cute pic of Heath holding the kids just before it was time for them to go to bed. So cute!

While we were in Annabella, my mom and I took Micah to see the new twin calves. I didn't get a very good pic of the calves, but I thought this one of Micah and grandma was really cute.