Sunday, July 29, 2007!

Thanks to Beau, I'm finally able to post some pictures. I think what I'll do is just post some pics and then write captions of what is happening in the picture. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pics!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Our Litte Conductor

Hi all! Sorry I haven't posted any pictures lately. Our house is still in chaos, and I can't find the data cord for the camera. I'll continue to look and hopefully, get some new photos on here soon.

Anyway, all is good at the Garner home. Heath has been busy putting up the blinds in the basement. Thanks to Beau for staying up until 2:00 a.m. helping Heath. The blinds look really nice and make the basement even more cool. I can't wait until we get things settled down there so we can spend more time there.

Micah is really into trains right now. Yesterday morning, we were trying to get him ready to go to the babysitter and he was being a real bear. I tried everything with him. I said to him, "Micah, let's get dressed so you can go play with your friends." He said, "No friends!" I then said, "Do you want to go play with Chase and his trains?" Immediately, his whole demeanor changed. He got a big smile on his face and immediately laid down and let me dress him. As soon as his clothes were on, he was wanting to climb off the bed and leave. He kept saying, "Trains. Choo Choo!" Then, as he and Heath were leaving, he ran to his room, grabbed his little "Thomas the Tank" train and then went out the door. This morning, we dressed him in his new little black denim short overalls. When he picked up his train, he looked just like a little conductor.

Last nite, Micah got to go to Scouts with daddy. They were having an activity at a local park, so Heath thought Micah would enjoy it. It worked out great for me, because I had an appointment and would have had to get a babysitter otherwise. Anyway, it sounds like Micah had a great time. Heath said that Micah made friends with a little dog that was there with a family. The dog would bark at Micah and Micah would just laugh. He's just like his daddy and has a love of dogs.

I guess that's about it for now. We hope all is well with everyone and that we get to see you soon!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So much has been going on, I haven't had time to update the blog. Hopefully, I will be able to download some pictures tonite. Anyway, the basement is finished! YEAH!!! The bathroom is my favorite room. It turned out way better than I imagined. I'll have to take a picture tonite and get it on here soon. Our couches were delivered on Saturday. Oh yeah, get this. The couches were 3 weeks late, so the company agreed to waive the $75 delivery fee. When they got to our home on Saturday, the guy tells me that the $75 was a "curb side drop-off" and if we wanted them to actually bring the couches in the house, it would cost another $25. Heath wasn't home and I didn't want the couches sitting out on the curb all day, so I told them to go ahead and bring the couches inside. Well, the two delivery guys weren't even strong enough to bring the couches in on their own, so my brother, Beau had to help. Not that he minded helping, but the principle of the matter just didn't seem right. They wanted to charge an extra $25 to bring the couches inside and they couldn't even do the job themselves. Ridiculous!

We had a really great week last week. First of all, we spent the 4th of July in Annabella with my parents. Micah had an absolute blast playing on some slides at the park. He was sweating like a pig and his face was bright red, but he did not want to get off. He even made a friend while he was playing. I don't know the kid's name, or where his parents were, but he and Micah sure played well together. So, in all the pictures I took, there is some random little boy in them.

Also, we had Heath's parents, his brother, Ian, and some of his relatives from Missouri come for the weekend. We had a BBQ on Friday nite and then had a big breakfast Saturday morning. Jean Ann, Micah, and I went shopping later in the day, while Heath, his dad, and brother went golfing. We finished the nite off with dinner at "GoodWood BBQ".

Sunday was an interesting day too. The power in our entire neighborhood went off Sunday morning, so church was conducted in the dark. Half way through Primary, the Bishopric decided to cancel the rest of church because the building was getting so hot. When I went to pick up Micah from the nursery, he didn't want to go because he hadn't had his snack yet. He was sitting at the table with a little friend and refused to leave. He knew the routine and knew that nursery should not be over yet. I finally had to physically remove him from the table.

Anyway, what a busy week we had, but such a fun one. It's always fun to spend time with family. Heath and I have commented several times that we are lucky because we both have really good ones. :)