Monday, April 18, 2011


Last night, after Micah's bath, he ran into the kitchen and exclaimed, "Phew! That was a close one, mom!" I said, "Why?" He replied, "I almost died!" To this, I got a bit more concerned and said, "What? What happened?" Micah's response? "You need a lot of water to survive, and I don't think I've had enough today."

Holding back the giggles, I looked down and noticed that he was holding a 48 oz. water bottle. :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fairy Tea Party

Abby and I attended a Fairy Tea Party, at the Provo City Library, in March. It was so much fun! We had a blast shopping for the perfect fairy costume, and then getting all dressed up for the night. Abby was a beautiful red & pink fairy. I wore a pretty red shirt that (kinda) matched Abby. :)

Here is Abby right before we left for the tea party. I didn't love the pink leotard with her red skirt and wings. I will definitely get a red one for Halloween. Her costume is way too cute to put in the dress up bin, so we're going to use it as her Halloween costume.

Guess what Abby's favorite part of her costume was? The wings? Nope! The magic wand!

Doesn't she look adorable?

The wings!

Here we are right before entering the ballroom. Abby was so excited. She really could not stand the excitement.

She was thrilled to see "real fairies" there. Is there anything better than these kinds of smiles?

The table setting. Abby insisted on the pink napkin.

Each place setting had a souvenir fairy necklace and a little vile of "fairy dust".

A quick note about the fairy dust. I didn't want her to open it and spill it all over the place, so I kept telling her that only real fairies could open it. When we got home, Micah wanted to open it. I was trying to think of an answer as to why he couldn't open it, but didn't come up with anything before Heath piped in and said, "Don't open it! The dust will make you disappear!" Well, that only made Micah more curious. Later that night, he came up to me and whispered, "Can I dump the fairy dust on myself? I want to see if I disappear." :)

Abby still wears her necklace a couple times a week.

The group of neighborhood friends that we attended with.

L to R: Audrey, Abby, Peyton, Ava, Reghan

The Fairy Princess

The Fairy King and Queen

I love my little fairy!

Abby fell in love with the purple ballerina fairy. She was in awe of everything this fairy did.

We had so much fun, we are already looking forward to next year!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kindergarten Soccer

Micah started Kindergarten soccer this past week. It is a soccer league just for kids in Kindergarten. It is wonderful! They meet each Thursday and practice for the first 25 mins, and then play a game for the next 24 mins (two 12 min halves). Each team plays four players at a time. Micah's team has eight kids on it, so they are rotating kids in and out regularly.

Micah played soccer two years ago and absolutely hated it. He didn't even want to play last year, so I was surprised when he asked to play this year. I am so glad I put him in it though. He has had an absolute blast! It is so fun to see him running around and just having genuine fun. Here are some pics from his first game.

The entire team, with their coach, Jon.

Micah & Daxon. He is the coach's son.

I just love this shot of my little #6. He was so excited to get this number because he is turning six in a couple weeks.
This is Micah as he was coming out of the game. All the kids were great about taking their turn in the game.

This pic cracks me up. This is Micah and Drew. I'm not sure what they were talking about, but it must have been pretty interesting. My guess is, "Lego Star Wars". Part III just came out and that is tops on Micah's birthday wish list.

This is a picture of Micah and Britton practicing before the game.

Britton's dad is the assistant coach.

The team cheer at the end of the game.

Notice Coach Jon in this pic? This was his reaction when our team scored a goal for the opposing team. :)

Micah's favorite part of the whole game was throwing the ball back in when it went out of bounds. I don't think anyone else really cared about it, so I think Micah got to do it about every time.

Look at that awesome soccer form!

Getting in and playing hard!

If game #1 is any indication, this is going to be a fantastic season and tons of fun, for eight adorable kids and their families!

Go #6!