Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Our First Post

Hi all! My sister-in-law gave me the idea to start a blog. I thought it was a great idea, so I decided to join in the fun and start one for my family. So, here it is- The Garner's first post!

Things are going well for us. The basement is really close to being done. The bathroom, plumbing, and finish electrical are all that is left. We're really excited about having it done. We especially can't wait to start spending some time down there because it stays really cool.

Micah is doing GREAT!!! He was sick yesterday and had to be picked up from daycare because he was throwing up. When we got home, he just wanted to sleep. He took a 4-hour nap. It made me nervous that he was sleeping so long, so I checked on him about a thousand times, but each time he was snoring away. When he woke up, he was really hungry. Heath had bought Micah one of his favorite dishes- Fried Rice from Great China. He ate just about all of it.

Micah loves the warm weather and really likes to swim in his little pool. He also loves to play in the sprinklers. His language development seems to be getting better every day. His favorite word right now is, "No!" He especially likes to wave his little finger at me and say, "No mommy!"

Heath is doing well and is still working at the Bank. He also started his own Accounting/Bookkeeping business and is doing really well with that. He's accepting clients, so if you know of anyone who might need some Accounting/Bookkeeping work, please refer him. :)

I am doing well too. The pregnancy is coming along well. I am 24 weeks along. For those of you that don't know, we found out that the baby is a girl. We're really excited about that. She will be named, "Valerie." Her middle name will either be "J" or "Ann", we haven't decided for sure yet. She is due in early October, and we can't wait to meet her!


Glen Brown said...

Hi Carrie! I'm proud to say I'm leaving the first comment on your first blog. Sounds like your family is doing great. We just finished our basement too and the kids love having their own rooms down there--but we still need to furnish our family room. Are you pregnant with your second? That is really cool you're naming your daughter after your sister--that will be special for her.

We are doing well up here in South Jordan. I did tell you I moved up here didn't I? I would like to bring my family to meet yours someday soon--I haven't seen you in probably more than 10 years. Wow! Keep me on your email list as I like to read your updates. I should be better about emailing my friends as well. Sorry.


Glen Brown said...
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