Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Funny Story & Abby's Teething

Last nite, Micah was playing in his room. All of the sudden, he ran into the Master bedroom where Heath, Abby and I were. He said that his finger hurt and he showed me where he had ripped part of his fingernail. His fingernail was just kind of hanging there, barely attached. I told him to get the fingernail clippers and daddy would fix his finger. Well, Micah walks into the bathroom, opens the drawer that holds the nail clippers, gets them out, and the proceeds to cut his own fingernail. After he had fixed it himself, he put the clippers back in the drawer, held up his finger and said, "All better." We laughed so hard! I guess now that he is 3, he's Mr. Independent. :)

Abby is teething. You can see two teeth on the bottom about to cut through anytime now. It's been quite painful for her too. She is constantly chewing on her hands and toys, and is drooling like crazy. I can't wait until they are finally in so I can get a cute pic. Stay tuned...

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Lauren's blog said...

I would LOVE to take pictures of Micah and Abby!! They are so stinkin' adorable!