Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cute Quip

The other day, Abby was trying to get my attention. She was holding onto my leg and trying to pull me toward the treat cupboard to get, yet another, pretzel. She had already had at least 10. Anyway, I said, "No Abby!" and gently moved her to the side. She immediately started crying and ran over to Micah for comfort. After hugging her, Micah looked at me and said, "Mom, don't do that. You broke her feelings!"
Tonight, when I cam home from YW, Heath and Micah were watching "John Q." It's a movie about a little boy who needs a heart transplant, but because his parents don't have insurance, it becomes almost impossible. So, his dad takes the hospital hostage and tries to force them into giving his son a transplant. There is a scene in the beginning where the boy is running the bases in a baseball game and he collapses. They take him to the hospital and learn that he has an enlarged heart and he needs a transplant. Anyway, Micah was really interested in the movie and started telling me about it. He told me that the boy was sick and had to go to the hospital. I told him that it was because the boy's heart was sick and had grown too big, so the doctor's needed to give him a new one. A little later, Micah was in bed but was trying every excuse in the book to get up. He came into our room and said, "Mom, I think I have a big heart in my tummy. You need to take me to the doctor."
That was 2 hours ago and I am still laughing. :)
Speaking of kids, Abby is turning into quite the little diva. Most of our blog readers probably know that she loves purses, especially her pink Barbie one, with the chain strap. Recently, she has become quite the shoe lover too. She walks around all day, pushing her stroller, slinging her purse onto her shoulder, and clomping around in high-heel Cinderella (or Belle, or Snow White, or Sleeping Beauty) shoes.
Abby also is independent and doesn't need her parents anymore. :) When she wakes up in the morning, she no longer calls, "Mommy! Mommy!" It is now, "Macah! Macah!" If Micah is awake, he comes and get me and says, "Mom, you have to get her. She wants to play with me." Oh, I love those cuties so much.


Amanda said...

Awww- so cute!! You just have to love all the adorable things kids say!!

The Johnson's Jungle said...

Your kids are so cute!

Lauren's blog said...

Adorable! I'm so glad you updated, I love reading all the cute stories about the kids :)

Danielle Christiansen said...

that is so funny. I love the one about you broke her feelings. So cute!

Cami said...

Those kids are so cute! I hope we get to see them soon!

Lydia said...

They are so cute.