Monday, November 9, 2009

Feeling a Bit Out of Touch

Since March, our lives have been utter chaos. Between having my parents here while my dad was undergoing cancer treatments (finished treatments last week- awaiting results to see if he is cancer free), Heath's lay-off, and the deaths of Grandma Garner, Jared, and "Popi", it seems that normal life went on without us. And while I know that just because our lives stopped, everyone else's did not. This morning, I think I realized for the first time that friends and family went on. They planned things without us and did things without us, and while I do not begrudge that for a second, it is surprisingly hard to deal with. I feel out of touch with everyone and everything, a bit lonely, a bit sad, and also a bit grateful that we have come through it all still a family. Thank heavens for the gospel and the eternal perspective of it all. I know that through it all, our Heavenly Father has not forgotten us, he has carried us.


Lydia said...

You guys have sure been though alot this year. You would think that things could only get better.

the coltons said...

you have definitely had a full year. i'm so sorry for all the loss you and heath have experienced. here's to hoping your dad is going to get some great news about his treatments!!!

The Walch Family said...

I can't believe how much you've had happening. Any one of those things has the potential to devastate someone. I think your family has come through it with flying colors!