Sunday, April 15, 2012

Micah is 7!

Micah is 7! He is excited beyond belief because now "it's only 1 more year until I get baptized!" As a mother, I am proud that he is excited about that. :)

Traditionally, we celebrate birthday's with more than one celebration. This year was no different. We started off in Mesquite, where we had a pizza and Easter Egg hunt party. We celebrated with my parents, my brother Beau, and my brother Cory, his wife, Danae, and their kids, Zoey and Colston. It was a lot of fun watching the kids run all over the place looking for eggs. They finished with about a gazillion eggs and way more than enough candy. :) Micah got a super cool Lego Ninjago set(from grandma & grandpa), some neat-o Star Wars pod spinners (from Cory, Danae, Zoe7 & Colston), and a certain Beyblade Wii game (from Uncle Beau) that he has been eyeing for some time.

Last night, we went out to dinner, and then came home and had a spectacular darts tournament. Heath recently got an electronic dart board for his office, and the kids had been dying to play, so we made it a little party. It was tons of fun and no one lost an eye. :)

Today is Micah's actual birthday. I had church meetings all morning, so we made Micah wait until after church to open his gifts. That was torture on the poor kid. :) As soon as church was out though, we rushed home to a table full of presents to open. Once again, Micah was spoiled
and received more than his fair share of awesome presents. He got a set of Blendy pens from Abby, some awesome books and some super special pictures of Micah & Popi from Gammy, a bag of his very own chocolate licorice and two more Beyblades, from mom and dad. These were not just any Beys though. They came straight from Japan, and according to Micah, "no one else has them". Not sure if that's true, but what's the harm in thinking?

Once again, I find myself waxing sentimental about my firstborn. Where has the time gone? How did he get big so fast? How did I get so lucky to be his mom? Have I ever mentioned that Micah is an absolute joy? A pleasure. Hilarious. Smart. Creative. Kind. Sensitive. A good helper. A great big brother. Feisty. Shy. Mischievous.

Did I mention, handsome?


Cute as a button.

A little self conscious.

Super cool.

And, mine. For eternity. :)
This kid has it all! Love you, little man!


Jessie said...

Ah! What a sweet post! Happy birthday Micah!

Worle said...

He IS very handsome, he definitely looks like his mama!!