Wednesday, April 25, 2012

This girl

This girl is my little shadow. We go everywhere together and I love it. Today, when I picked her up from preschool, she hugged my leg and said, "Mom, sometimes I get sad when you leave me." At first, it was like a bullet to my heart and I thought to myself that I must leave her too much. But, as we drove home, all the while listening to Abby tell me all about her amazing preschool adventures, it hit me that that wasn't what she was saying at all. She was simply telling me that she enjoys our time together.  

Abby's preschool teacher recently did little mini photo sessions with each of the children.  These are the shots she sent me. 
Adore is an understatement.
This photo is typical Abby.  Smiling like she couldn't be happier to be a participant in life.  Posing like she's cute and she knows it.  :)

I absolutely LOVE this one! So different from any photo we've ever had of her. 

This is my girl. 
 My princess. 
My little munchkin. 
My responsibility. 
My heart.   


Jessie said...

She sure is a sweetie! She is one beautiful little thing.

Worle said...

She is SO SO SO adorable in these pics!