Thursday, May 22, 2008

Best Friends & Abby Loves Prunes

Abby and Micah are really good friends. My favorite part of everyday is watching them play together. Abby is becoming more and more interactive and Micah loves it. He knows that he can make her laugh and he does it frequently. Here are a few pictures of them playing together the other day.

Micah being his usual animated self. Abby watching and loving every minute.

Abby smiling for the camera. Notice the green and brown army guys laying on the floor. We play army guys quite a bit and every time, Micah takes the "green guys" and gives Abby the brown ones. It's so funny how he loves green things.

Micah showing Abby how helicopters fly. You can't tell very well from the pic, but Micah is actually holding the helicopter with a pair of kitchen tongs. For some reason, he loves those tongs. He gets them out of the drawer every single morning. Notice how Abby is enjoying every minute of her big brother's lesson.

Abby loves to eat! She especially likes prunes. Here she is with prunes all over her face. When she's ready to eat, she will look up at me and hold her mouth open. She will then makes cute little sounds, wave her arms, and kick her feet really fast. We call that the "hungry dance" or the "happy dance".


the coltons said...

your kids are SO cute! abby is gorgeous and micah is all dunn :)

Lauren's blog said...

I love that first picture of Micah's face! And I can't believe Abby likes prunes! haha, they are just soooo cute! :)