Monday, May 12, 2008

Cute Kids

I know I say it all the time, but aren't my kids the cutest? They are very good friends too, which makes me really happy. Abby is sitting up now, so she and Micah will sit and play with toys together. It's really quite cute.

Cute. Need I say more?

Here is Abby and her new friend. Last week, I took the kids and we went to my mom and dad's for a few days. While we were there, they got spoiled. My mom gave Abby this penguin toy and she loves it. She bats at it and it plays music when she hits it. She giggles and squeals with joy each time she hits it just right. In this pic, you can see that Abby is pretty good at sitting up now. She does get a little wobbly, but for the most part, she can sit and play for quite some time.

Micah got these cool sunglasses from Zoey's 2nd birthday party. Uncle Cory & Aunt Danae know how much he loves the color green, so they made sure that he got the green ones. Well, Micah loves the glasses and wears them around the house all the time.

After Zoey's birthday party, we took the kids to the park. Micah loves parks and had a great time. Here he is riding the big green dinosaur.

Micah's favorite thing at the park is the slide.