Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bear Heath Garner

Micah says the cutest things. When you ask him his name, he will proudly exclaim, "Micah Heath Garner"! Well, the other day, he was carrying this teddy bear all over, so I asked him if his bear had a name. He looked at me, thought for a second and said, "Bear Heath Garner"!
Here is a picture of Micah with Bear Heath Garner.

This is a picture of one of the projects Micah made at Preschool. It is a picture of a large hand and then he painted his own hand, so that it looks like his hand is on top of the larger hand. He made it for Heath for Father's Day. He was so proud of it that he gave it to Heath the day he made it. He just couldn't wait until Father's Day.

I know this isn't a very good picture, but I just had to post it because it is so cute. This is a picture of a bookmark Micah made in nursery. He gave it to Heath for Father's Day. Seeing Micah make these cute little things and get so excited about them is really cute.

Here is Abby posing for a picture. She was particularly smiley this day, so I had to snap a shot. Doesn't she have the cutest smile and the most beautiful blue eyes?

We had a load of top soil brought in so we could put in a garden. We let Micah play in it for a couple of days before Heath spread it onto the garden. He had so much fun playing in the dirt. He would go from the dirt to the swimming pool to the trampoline over and over again. He loves playing outside and has been out so much this summer that he looks like a little Indian. He is so dark and tan.

This is a picture of our own little Napoleon Dynamite. Micah loves his snow boots and is constantly putting them on.


the coltons said...

your kids are so cute and are both getting so big! i still can't believe how big micah is - i kind of think of him as a pretty new baby! :)

Jessica, Shane and Kaden said...

Your kids are so cute. We missed you guys at the garner get together. We'll have to get together soon. I bet John & Hope and Tom and Cammi along with their kids would like to come as well.