Monday, June 16, 2008

Micah's First Day of Pre-school & Abby is a Fashionista!

Micah started preschool last week. He goes twice a week, on Tuesday's and Thursday's. His teacher is Miss Stephanie and he loves her!. Last week, Micah learned about Father's Day and Flag Day. Each day, he came home with cute little projects that he had made. He was so proud of them. As we drove home each day, Micah would tell me about his day and all the fun things he had done. He loves it so much that he wakes up every day and asks to go to school.
Here is a picture I took just before we left for Micah's first day. I can't believe my baby is 3-years-old and is going to preschool. When I dropped him off the first day, I got a little teary. I was so excited for him to have the opportunity, but it got to me that he's growing up and doing things on his own. If I had this hard of a time with preschool, I don't even want to think about Kindergarten. :)

Abby and Grandpa. Abby definitely has grandpa's chin.

I just love this picture. Too cute!

Abby and Grandma. This picture, as well as the ones with grandpa, were taken last week just before they left to go back to Annabella. Abby and Micah were so sad to see them go.

Every time I dress Abby in something new, I think it's her cutest outfit. She has so many clothes and looks adorable in all of them. Here are a few pics of our little Fashionista, Abigail Valerie Garner.

Lauren took this picture last weekend. Can you believe how cute Abby is? Thanks, Lauren for capturing this moment with your amazing eye.

Adorable! Heath thinks this picture gives us a glimpse of what Abby will look like as she grows up.


Even cuter!

Abby loves to play. She likes this toy because it makes all sorts of noise. The more noise, the better for her.

Micah and Abby playing together. I missed the exact shot here, but Micah was being so cute with Abby. He had her laughing hysterically.

We take a lot of walks together. Here are Micah and Abby in the stroller together. Micah likes to ride this way because he feels like he is holding Abby.

Here is a picture of Micah and Zoey. They were playing ghosts this day. They wrapped up in blankets and chased each other all over the house.


Beau said...

I just can't get over how cute Micah, Zoey, and Abby are. I think I have the best looking nieces and nephew in the world.

Cory said...

I definitely have a cute daughter, nephew and a niece.