Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jared's Funeral

Jared's funeral was Saturday, August 22, 2009. There was a viewing right before the funeral and one the night before. All were beautiful tributes to Jared. So many people came and showed their love and respect for Jared and the whole Garner family. Heath spoke at the funeral and did a great job. He outlined four of Jared's best qualities and then told stories to illustrate those qualities. It was a beautiful service and I'm sure Jared himself was touched at the love that was poured out in his behalf.
This is a picture of the Pallbearers. They were Heath, Josh, Jeremy, Ian, Justin Garner (cousin), Tyson Gardner (cousin), and Lonnie Flynn (cousin). Seeing Heath and his brothers carrying their own brother's casket was heartbreaking. I was so touched at the great care they took in handling it.

This is Ian (the youngest brother) placing his boutonniere on the casket.

This is Heath's mom, Jean Ann. She is one of the strongest people I know.

This is Jared's girlfriend, Stephanie. She is a great girl and the love of Jared's life. Jared was so lucky to have love like that in his life. He deserved it.

This is Heath and his brothers in the receiving line at one of the viewings.

This is Grandpa Garner going through the receiving line. It was only six weeks ago that he lost grandma.

Here are some of the flowers from the viewing. The all yellow ones were from Jared's two nephews, Micah and Ethan, and his niece, Abby. The flowers were beautiful and had a banner going across them that said, "Uncle Jared". He was a wonderful uncle and doted on them so much.

L to R Josh, Michael (their dad), Jeremy, Ian, Heath & Micah

On our way back to Utah, we stopped at the cemetery to see it one last time. The temporary headstone was really hard to see. I guess it was just another sign of how real the whole thing is.

Life is so short and sometimes you don't get that "one more time" you think you will get with someone.
I guess one thing I will take away from Jared's death is to remember to always let those close to me know that I love them. It's not cheesy to say, "I love you". It's loving and respectful and courageous. Jared knew that all along.


Cami said...

It looks like it was a great funeral - good turnout, support and positive, but how sad - especially for little grandpa - he looks pretty fragile. It's always terrible to lose someone too soon - and what a nice tribute you wrote about him. My condolences to you.

Christine said...

Carrie, I am so so sorry about your brother in law. That is so hard. Please tell your husband I am so sorry. And I just have to say, a brother in law that would send you a Coach purse is a really good brother in law. Let me know if you need anything.