Friday, August 28, 2009

Reason to Smile

Let's just say that life at our house has been tough lately and we haven't had many reasons to smile. I took these pictures today and if they aren't reason to smile, I don't know what is.
Love you Micah & Abby!

Best of friends

I can't believe how quickly they have grown up. Micah is 4 and Abby will be 2 in just over a month.

I absolutely adore this picture.

Look at those muscles!


Amanda said...

Your kids are definitely a reason for me to smile!! They just get cuter and cuter and cuter!

Danielle Christiansen said...

cute pictures and I hope things start to look up for your family.

Cami said...

Those are some cute kids you got there! I would still like to get together with you some time if you want.