Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Festivities

We promised the kids we would take them bowling a couple weeks ago, but life got in the way and we weren't able to go, so I pulled out one of the Christmas presents I was going to give them, and we set up our own bowling alley, in the hallway of our house! Micah and Abby had an absolute blast. It was good the set came with two balls, because neither one of them was good about waiting their turn. I took the pics while Heath was in charge of re-setting the pins. Funny, I don't remember either one of us getting a turn. :)

Micah was pretty good at it. He understood the concept, but Abby decided that she liked it better to just run up to the pins and hit them with the ball. It worked in her mind. :)

Micah and Abby love their boots. They insist on wearing them everyday. We couldn't even get them to take them off for bowling.

Here is a close-up of the Christmas count down chain we made. Micah and Abby decorated each link. They were so proud of it.

Micah loves to tear off a link everyday as he leaves for school. Abby is content with watching.

One of our traditions is to have a Christmas party for all of Micah and Abby's friends. This was the first year that we had invited Abby's little friends. By the end of the 2-hour party, we had 32 kids come over to sit on Santa's lap, decorate cupcakes, and just run around.
This is my brother, Cory sitting on Santa's lap. He was trying to show his 1-year-old son, Colston, that Santa really isn't scary. :)

Micah adores Santa. It was so cute to see the belief in his eyes as he asked Santa for a "Lightning McQueen Track, a video game, and a camera."

Abby didn't want anything to do with Santa, so I got in the picture hoping to ease her fears. It didn't work. Not even a candy cane worked (and for those of you who know Abby, you know how much she loves candy). Maybe next year. :)

The real Santa (aka my dad).

Micah's preschool had a pajama party on December 16th. The kids got to wear their pj's and bring their favorite stuffed animal. Micah took his big "Sully" (the blue monster from "Monsters, Inc.) Parents were also invited to go and help their child tell the class about a family Christmas tradition. Micah and I told the class about how every year, we buy a new ornament and put a picture in it, so we can see how much we have grown during the year. We took all five of Micah's ornaments and even though he got a little shy, standing in front of the whole class, he was really proud to show them off.
The lady in the blue pj's is Mrs. Jo. She is Micah's teacher and he absolutely adores her. The other day he asked if he had school and I told him that he was out on Christmas break. He said that he didn't want "to have a break." I asked him why and he said, "Because I love my teacher." No wonder he is learning so much. :)

Micah in his striped pj's. He thought it was really neat that he could wear them to school.

Mrs. Jo helping Micah find his presents. There was a present to each of the kids under the tree, as well as a present to the parents that the kids had made. Mine was an adorable white vase with cute little lady bug stickers all over it. Micah was so excited to give it to me, he made me open it as soon as we got home. I love it and I can't imagine getting a gift that I would love any more.


Amanda said...

I love Christmas around kids! They get so excited about everything, and it's impossible not to get in the Christmas spirit. How fun is it that Micah is old enough now to get it?

Cami said...

your kids are so cute - and I think your version of bowling is just perfect for kids their age! You look cute on Santa's lap.

Danielle Christiansen said...

gotta have the red and green chains for Christmas. Christmas is not the same without them. :)