Monday, January 11, 2010


This may be my longest post ever. :)
We had a great Christmas. It started off with all of us on the Dunn side, getting together at Cory and Danae's house for dinner and the exchanging of gifts. Here are Colston, Abby, Zoey and Micah after they had opened their Christmas jammies. It's a tradition that kids get new ones every Christmas Eve. Micah and Abby had matching Spongebob MerryPants ones. Zoey had Princess ones and Colston had Pluto ones.
Here is Abby with one of her gifts from Christmas Eve. It was a little microphone that played Disney Princess songs. She was singing into it all night.

Here is Grandpa with his gift from Beau. It's a giant remote control. Grandpa is always complaining that he can't find the remote, so Beau found this one. It actually works too.

Danae had Heath's name and got him this shirt. Heath is a HUGE Boston Celtics fan.

Sorry for the messed up pic. I can't figure out how to straighten it out. Here is Micah opening his present from Beau. It was the dvd "G-Force." Micah had never seen it and wanted to rent it at the Rexbox just that morning.

Grandma and Uncle Beau

Cory and Danae

This is Micah with his gift from Cory, Danae, Zoey and Colston. It's a full on Nerf assault weapon. He and daddy have had tons of fun shooting each other with this thing.

Micah and Zoey

We spent Christmas day in our own house. Micah was so excited to find his very own Hershey's kisses in his stocking.

Helping Abby discover what was in her stocking.

A video game! With every present, Micah would cheerfully exclaim, "This is what I wanted for Christmas!"

The cutest pair of shoes ever. However, they have turned out to be the biggest pieces of junk ever. The detail around the souls have completely fallen off, even after gorilla gluing them back on several times. UGH!!!!

The #1 thing Micah wanted- a Lightning McQueen track.

The Mystery Machine van from Scooby Doo. It came with all the Scooby Doo action figures.

Abby with her very own bag of M & M's (probably her favorite thing all day), and her Cheetah Snugglekins. This is the cutest toy I've ever seen. The Cheetah makes the cutest cooing sounds and the stroller plays the cutest music. Abby loves pushing it around all day.

Putting her Cheetah to bed. Isn't that bed adorable?

A robot that walks and talks. Thanks grandma and grandpa!

Abby and her Snap -n- Style doll. It's really cute and I definitely think we will get her more toys from this set.

Night at the Museum 2. Micah loves this movie. Unfortunately, we left in in Idaho when we went there the day after Christmas, so Micah hasn't been able to watch it much. Gammy is coming tomorrow though, and she said she would be sure to bring it.

Helping Abby unwrap her gift.

Not sure what Abby is unwrapping here.

Daddy helping Abby open her Snow White dvd.

Grandma made this adorable Dora blanket for Abby. When she opened it, she immediately wrapped it around herself and said, "Brrrr..." Abby loves Dora, so grandma and grandpa got her the SleepyTime Dora doll, and made her this blanket, as well as a matching one for her doll. So cute!

The day after Christmas we headed up to Rexburg for Christmas #2. Here is Micah with his very cool Matchbox cars set. Thanks, Gammy!

Abby opening her gift from gammy.

A Cabbage Patch doll. It was one of those that comes wrapped up in a cabbage leaf and you don't know if it's a boy or girl. It came with a surprise package that told you what it was. Surprise- it was a girl! Aline Kathaleen is her name and she was born on October 17, 2009. That is actually the same day cousin Hudson was born.

The main reason for going to Idaho was for Uncle Ian's mission farewell. He is going to Rapid City, South Dakota. Here is Ian at the luncheon after his farewell. He gave a great talk is going to be an awesome missionary. He goes into the MTC on January 13th.
Josh and Marcy arranged it so they could bless Hudson on the same day as Ian's farewell. He is the cutest little baby and so good. I don't think I've ever heard him cry.

Mark Garner, Kim and Spence Geddes. Mark and Kim and Heath's uncle and aunt. They came for Ian's farewell and Hudson's blessing.

John Garner and Rachel Lovejoy. Heath's uncle and aunt on the Garner side. John owns the "Black Tie Tuxedo" shops in Utah county and Salt Lake, so if you ever are in the market for a tuxedo, look them up.

Ruth Johnson, Tom Garner, Gammy. Tom is partner's with John in the Tuxedo business.

Grandpa Garner. He's looking better and better every time we see him.

Gammy and baby Hudson. I wish I had a better picture of him. You'll just have to take my word for how cute he really is. :)

Micah had brought along some of the Matchbox cars that Gammy gave him for Christmas. He quickly discovered they worked best on the bathroom floor of uncle Josh's office. The luncheon after the farewell/blessing was held there. I had seen the outside of the office before, but had never been inside. It is a beautiful building and it is decorated so nice.

Ethan joined in on the bathroom floor fun.

Here is Abby with Marcy's niece, Jane. She is older than Abby, but they latched onto each other and had a blast playing together. Abby absolutely adored her.

All of them playing in the bathroom. Can you see Ethan hiding behind the sink?

Heath and Josh. It's good to see them smiling. It's been a rough year for all of them.

Well, I guess this blog caps off our wonderful holiday season. I'm so glad the year ended with a happy occassion. In fact, it's starting off with a happy occassion too. Everyone is coming down tomorrow because Ian is going into the MTC on Wednesday. We're definitely going to miss him, but we're so proud of him and the decision he had made to serve a mission.


Lydia said...

It sound like you have all been busy.

Amanda said...

It's so hard to play blog catch-up after the holidays! Kudos to you for actually doing it. I keep meaning to, and never do. Oh well.