Saturday, May 8, 2010

Micah's First T-Ball Game

Micah had his first T-Ball game today. He was awesome! I didn't get any pictures though because I was trying to keep Abby off the playing field and keep the players lined up and ready for their turns at bat. But, Micah was great and better yet, he had a ball (literally)!

Micah actually hit a home run his first time at bat. He was the last batter on his team and little did we know, but the last batter always gets a home run. They let all the kids bat and run all the bases. That's a great rule for these sweet little kids that are just learning the game. Micah was so proud of himself and had the biggest smile on his face as he ran home.

Micah also had the play of the day when he was in the field. He was playing "pitcher" and when a ball was hit right to him, he stopped it and picked it up. The coach and all the parents in the stands were yelling, "Go to first! Go to first!" So, Micah promptly put the ball on the ground and ran to first base. He and his teammate (who was actually playing first base), stood there with the runner from the other team, having absolutely no clue as to how funny this play truly was. I guess next time, we need to be more specific in our instructions. :)

Way to go, Micah! Go Bees!

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