Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Micah Wants to Be a Doctor When He Grows Up

Micah wiped out pretty good on his scooter last week. He was about 10 yards in front of me when it happened. When I got up to him, he said he had "smashed" his finger. When he showed it to me, the nail was already black about half way up. As the next few days went by, his fingernail got completely black and blue, and was quite swollen. It looked like the blood was building up underneath the nail. Micah didn't complain, but I noticed that he was favoring that finger quite a bit. By Saturday, his finger looked like it was ready to fall off. So, I took him over to my neighbor, who is a nurse, and asked her to look at it. She looked it over and felt it would be best to take him to the doctor. So, off we went to InstaCare on a Saturday afternoon.

To make a long story short, the doctor was the cutest little man ever and had an amazing bed-side manner. He spoke to Micah in terms that his little 5-year-old mind could comprehend and was able to poke a hole in his nail to allow the blood to escape. Micah was absolutely fascinated by the tool the doctor used. It looked like a big pen. The tip was very fine and heated up enough to burn a hole right into his fingernail. Micah was so intrigued with the tool that he forgot to notice that he was bleeding all over. We finished the visit with the doctor telling Micah how cool it was the he could ride his scooter so well and not to worry when his fingernail fell off because that was just a sign of a little boy who is really tough.

As we walked to the car, Micah told me that he wanted to be a "real doctor too." I said, "That would be great, Micah. I think you would be a wonderful doctor. Doctor's help a lot of people." His reply? "Yeah, I want to make holes in people's fingers."

Not quite sure how to feel about that. :)


The Walch Family said...

That sounds just like a little boy. I love it.

Amanda said...

Ha ha! I love it! Doctors can be awesome sometimes!

Worle said...

Gross! He didn't care about the blood? Wow, he is such a little boy, I guess boys don't care much about those kinds of things. If I would have been there, I wouldn't have been able to look!

Cassidee Garner said...

I bet he would love to be a doctor!! How is the finger doing?