Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Little Munchkin

Abby is known as "Munchkin" at our house. Not quite sure why, but the nickname has stuck. She is sweet, oh so feisty, dramatic, loving, full of energy, silly, smart as a whip, and an angel in our lives. Here are some pics of the things Abby does, on a daily basis, that bless our lives.

Abby loves to eat. Anything. Especially sweets. Here she is with chocolate cupcake all over herself. Let's just say she really knows how to enjoy her food.

Abby loves to play outside. If it's the slightest bit windy though, she insists on wearing a winter hat. Once she has it on, she runs back outside. I've tried to convince her that she doesn't need it, but changing her mind, is like changing the weather. :)

Abby fell asleep eating lunch the other day. So cute!

Abby is very sweet and is always bringing me flowers. I apologize to any neighbors that may have pink flowers in their yards, as I am having a hard time keeping her away from them. I tell her that she can pick all the yellow ones (Dandelions) she wants, but she has to leave the pink ones alone.

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Lydia said...

What a little cutie