Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How Does Micah Feel about T-Ball?

This picture says it all....

He could care less. :)

Playing catcher. Um Micah, I think you should be facing the other direction. :)

Playing first base (or stomping out the dirt clods).

Casually running the bases. Did I mention that Micah has been passed up by the runner behind him, twice? He really is in no hurry to get around the bases. :)

Scoring! Love that helmet!

Almost! How could he possibly hit the ball, when he can't even see it?

Coach Cody has some amazing patience.

Some of Micah's fellow teammates. Having good friends on his team makes it all worth while for him.

A parting shot. Micah playing first base. :)

Tomorrow is game #4.
Micah can't wait...

because it's his turn to bring treats. :)

I love my litte guy!


The Walch Family said...

That cracks me up. I want to eventually put Isabelle in some sports, but I think she may share Micah's apathy for the games.

Nathan said...

This sounds a little like my brief foray into basketball as a kid. I was always on the other end of the court. In my head, I was planning to get the ball from my teammates as soon as there was a turnover, but I neglected to mention it to any of them. As a result, they pretty much played an entire 4 on 5 game.

Worle said...

That is too funny. You would think that boys would be into the rush of running the bases, but I guess not! I can't wait to put Luke in baseball, probably because I just want to go watch :)

Katie Lane said...

that picture is wonderful.