Sunday, March 23, 2008


Today is Easter. Here are some pics of Micah and Abby in their new Easter clothes.

You can't see it in this picture, but Micah has the cutest tie on. It's light blue and has little whales on it. I saw it at the Children's Place awhile ago and didn't get it. I wished I would have though, so I went back and they had one left, so I got it to go with Micah's Easter sweater (which I had also got at the Children's Place).
You also can't really see the detail on Abby's sandals. They had little flowers embroidered on them. They are the cutest things. She doesn't like wearing them though. She kept kicking them off. :)

Here is Abby's Easter haul. Abby wasn't awake when Micah discovered his Easter basket this morning. When she did wake up though, Micah led us into the living room and picked up her basket and started showing her the things inside it. It was so cute.
In the upper righthand corner of the picture, you can see daddy's Easter basket. It only consisted of a package of Cadbury Eggs. I hope he didn't feel ripped off. :)

Here is Micah's haul. One of the eggs in the basket was a cool thing that you put in water and it turns into a towel. It old Micah that we needed to put it in the bath tub and it would turn into a big towel that he could use for swimming. Well, turns out that it wasn't so neat afterall. It's acutally only the size of a hand towel. When we took it out of the tub, Micah said, "Oh darn! It's not big."

On Saturday, we went to Saratoga Springs and had an Easter Egg Hunt and BBQ with Cory, Danae, and Zoey. It was a lot of fun and both Micah and Zoey found tons of eggs. In this picture, Micah is especially excited because aunt Danae got him a "Bee Movie" Pez dispenser. Micah got the "Bee Movie" earlier in the week as an early Easter present from Grandma and Grandpa and he is obsessed with all things "Bee Movie".


Beau said...

I love these kids. Good work on having such awesome children.

Cory, Danae, & Zoey said...

So cute, I love the clothes and little Abby's swimsuit.