Monday, March 31, 2008

More Pics...

I'm not very good at updating this daily, or even weekly. I'm much better at just posting a bunch of pics and then writing a little blurb about each one. So, here are some current pics for all of our blog readers to enjoy!
Oh yeah, a big event that is going on in our lives right now is that Micah is potty training. We started last Wednesday and he is doing great! He wears "Big boy pants" now unless we go out. In that case, he wears pull-ups. He has been really good about telling us when he needs to go. At home, he just runs into the bathroom and sits on his potty chair. He has a potty chart and he gets really excited each time he gets to put a sticker on it.
Anyway, here are the pics I promised...

One day, I was doing some dishes when
I heard Abby wake up. I opened her door and she was playing with her mirror, so I decided to finish the dishes. A few minutes later, I heard Micah in there, so I went in to check on them. There he was, holding up a book and reading to Abby. She was smiling and looking at him like he was the coolest person on earth. At that moment, I think he was, in her eyes. It was so cute, I just stood there and watched. When Micah got to the end of the book, he closed it and said, "The end."

Here is Micah making some pancakes. He loves to help me make breakfast in the morning. His favorite morning meals are "baby pancakes" and hash browns and eggs.

How cute is this?

I just love this pic of Abby. She's so sweet and always smiling. She's rolling over now and trying to sit up. She'll be 6-months old tomorrow.

Could she be any cuter?

We used this picture in Micah's birthday party invitations.

I like this picture because it shows Micah's sweet side.

This one shows his cool side.

I was trying to get a good picture of the adorable headband Abby is wearing. It has a big black flower on it. I love dressing her up and people ask me all the time where I get her bows. It's not a very good pic of the actual bow though. It focuses more on the drool all over her shirt.
I know I'm biased, but when I see all these pics, I can't help but beem inside. I'm definitely a proud mom, but hey, look at what I have to be proud of. :)


Lauren's blog said...

Soooo cute!! So cute!!

Dunn Family said...

That is so cute how Micah read her a book. He is a good big brother!

Heather said...

o my gosh, your kids are so cute. How fun! I am glad we can now blog to keep in touch. Maybe we will do better now.