Tuesday, March 11, 2008

For Julie...

Our good friend, Julie moved to Arizona and we don't get to see her very often. I told her about our blog today, so I made sure that there were plenty of current pics for her to see. We love you, Julie and hope to see you and your wonderful family very soon. :)

Here is Micah on his new bike. This is a very cool toy. It's not a bike that you can ride outside. It's actually a stationary bike that you can not only exercise on, but it connects to the tv and you can play educational games. You control the games by peddling and steering the bike. It's very cool and Micah loves it.
Here is Abby. I like this picture because it really focuses on her big, blue eyes. She has her daddy's eyes, which I have always thought were beautiful. I think Abby looks just like Heath. Let's hope she keeps his good looks. :)

Here and Heath and Micah in the bathtub. I thought this was such a cute pic, I had to include it on our blog.

About a month ago, we visited Gammy and Popi's house in Rexburg, Idaho. There was so much snow. Heath took Micah out to play in it one day. I stayed inside where it was warm, but I was able to watch them play and I could take pictures from the house.

Micah always makes a slide, no matter where or what he is playing. In this pic, he made a path in the snow and then managed to slide down it.

These pajamas have the name, Charile embroidered on them. When Micah wears them, we call him, "Charlie". He doesn't like it though and emphatically responds, "No, I'm Cah cah!" Those of you that know Micah well, know that he refers to himself as "Cah cah". Trust me, we're working on that. :)

This past weekend, I hosted a little get-together with some friends from high school. Heath took Micah and went to Rexburg so Abby and I could hang out with the girls. While in Rexburg, Gammy made a photo journal with Micah. It showed what Micah had done and the places he visited while he was away for the weekend. It was so sweet because Gammy knew that I would miss Micah, so she made the photo journal for Micah to give to me. Of course, I cried when I looked at it. In one of the pics in the photo journal, Gammy and Micah were in "Porter's" ( local craft store in Rexburg). They found an Easter project that looked fun, so Gammy bought it for Micah to take home. We put it together yesterday. It's an adorable bunny house. Micah loves it so much, he put it on his dresser and runs into his room several times a day to look at it. Here is a pic of Micah with the finished project.

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