Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Easter may just be Micah's favorite holiday (well, maybe Halloween, or Christmas, or his birthday). Coloring eggs is something Micah would do everyday, if I would let him. He is always bringing me an egg and asking if he can paint it, or draw on it, or just break it open. So, when I brought out all the Easter egg coloring supplies, he was in heaven!

After doing the typical colors, Micah set out on a mission to make his own colors. He's a smart kid and knew the mixing certain colors would make certain colors, but what he didn't know was that if you dipped the egg into every color, it would come out brown. He thought that was the coolest thing!Needless to say, we had a plethora of brown Easter eggs. :)

Abby just wanted nice, little pastel colored eggs. Micah kept telling her how to make brown, but she wasn't interested. :)

Micah liked that his hands got colored too.

The finished product! 36 eggs! It wasn't even close to being enough. The kids could have colored all night.

Look what the Easter Bunny brought!

I love shopping for their annual Easter outfits. I always want them to match. This year- that was a challenge. I looked everywhere! No joke- everywhere! I almost gave up and then found these. I love them! And, the kids wearing them!

Notice how Micah put his arm around Abby?

My handsome little man!

My pretty, blue-eyed girl!

Abby was really into posing in her new dress.

We had a fantastic Easter! We hope you did too!


Life Explorer said...
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Jessie said...

How fun! I am determined to actually do something for Easter next year, but the timing was rougher this year.