Sunday, June 12, 2011

What Has Abby Been Up to Lately?

We are normally extremely busy, but decided to take it easy over the summer. Life got way to hectic and even though we were having fun, we needed to take a step back (especially me), and simplify. Having said, I have time to blog now!

Here are some pics of the things Abby has been up to in recent months. They are in no particular order. Just pics of her life and the fun things she does. Abby is a happy and just about everything makes her smile.


Abby finished up her dance class in May. To say that she loved it, would be an understatement. This is her class, well some of it. There are a few missing.

Abby loved it when the photographer told them to make silly faces.

She was in the Tiny Tots class at the Front & Center Dance Academy. I can't say enough positive things about the studio and her teacher, Alexis. Abby also loved the assistants- Ashlyn (especially Ashlyn) & Sami.

Too cute!

Too cute too!

My fave! I tell ya- you never see Abby w/o a smile. This girl LOVES life!

Abby finished her old preschool and started a new one. This is a different one. It is called Brilliant Beginnings. This is her summer class. They made pudding pops on their first day. Abby thought it was great. Chocloate and friends..... two of Abby's favorite things!

Painting, on her first day. She kept telling me that "she painted around and around." Not sure what she was trying to create, but whatever it was, she was sure proud of it!

Abby had a tea party awhile back.

Top row, L to R- Kiera, Isabelle, Emmy

Bottm row, L to R- Abby, Hadley, Kami

We made Fruit Loop necklaces.

Hadley & Isabelle showing off their finished products.

We ate fun little tea party snacks- strawberries, teddy bear shaped cheese, pretzels, and tiny donuts. Some girls even snacked on their necklaces. :)

They also played "Limbo" but I didn't get any pics of that. I was too busy laughing my head off. Imagine six, 3-year-olds bending over backwards and sliding on their stomachs, trying to get under the Limbo bar. Hilarious!

Abby had her second dance recital in May. This time, the assistants to her class, danced with them. Abby is the one bending over slightly. She thinks it's great to be up on stage.

Isn't this cute?

I didn't get many pics this time because I hate watching things from behind the lens.

Even though her dance class is over, for the summer, she still finds every reason she can to dance. The other day, her friend Emmy was over. They both dressed up in dance clothes and Abby taught Emmy her dance. It was so cute! Abby kept saying, "Watch me first!" "Now you do it!" Emmy was a fantastic student too!

This picture cracks me up!

My dad was playing with Abby on the couch one day, and he summonds me in, to see this. Abby had fallen asleep! She must have been very comfortable because she slept like this, for 2 1/2 hours. Never moved a muscle. I kept checking on her, to make sure she was okay. Poor girl was just exhausted.

As you can see, Abby has a lot of things that make her happy!

She makes our family just as happy!


The Walch Family said...

What an exciting life and a cute girl!

Jessie said...

She is absolutely adorable. Reagan just loves her.