Wednesday, July 27, 2011

24th of July

I love the 24th of July! Growing up, we always had the greatest celebration. Everyone gathered in Monroe, the night before for a giant dinner and children's parade. The next morning, it was back to Monroe for a parade, races, lunch, and tons of fun booths at the park. We finished the day with fireworks at night.

Last year was the first time we stayed in Provo for the 24th. Not really knowing what Provo had to offer, we wandered over to a celebration being held at a local park. So glad we did! We had so much fun! So this year, we did it again, and even invited Heath's mom (Gammy), to come with us.

There are tons of booths set up. Most of them involve activities that Pioneer children would have enjoyed.

Micah & Abby thought it was pretty cool to make their own mustaches. Micah knew exactly what he wanted, but was having a hard time getting it to work out. A super nice Missionary, came to his rescue and made this for him. Thank you, Elder Palmer!

My little jail bird.

I LOVE this pic of Micah!

Micah had a great time riding his own pony.

Abby was a little nervous at first. She warmed up quickly though.

Micah had so much fun on the horses, that he keeps asking for his own. When I asked him where we would put it, he replied, "Just out in the backyard." Ahhh...I love that kid!

Micah trying out the axe throw.

Gammy's turn.

Daddy's turn. He was pretty serious about it.

We didn't get a picture of me doing it, but turns out, I was actually pretty good at it. Must be that Native American blood running through my veins. :)

Gammy helped Abby with the sling shot.

We took a break to sit and watch the Native American dancer. He was amazing! I am a horrible photographer. I only got pics of the back of him.

Another dancer and the drummer.

This was one of the coolest things I have ever seen. Micah kept asking, "How did he do that?" "How can he do that and not fall down?" I was speechless.

There was a pelt display. Micah thought it was fun to see if he could figure out what each one was (or used to be). :)

At the animal petting area, Micah ran into a friend from school. He was sad to learn that Orien won't be attending Sunset View this year.

Abby was fascinated with the little lambs.

And the tiny horses.

Gammy & Abby. The horse got a little crazy while Abby was on him. She was scared, but Gammy was calm and calmed the horse (and Abby).

We were so happy to have Gammy spend the holiday with us. She lives in Idaho, where the 24th isn't such a big deal. I think we sold her on it though. :)

Apparently, the town Sheriff was lost. The kids got a special prize for finding him.

Here is Micah making a beeswax candle.

Abby wanted in on the action too. She didn't like how the beeswax felt though.

They both loved the duck shooting booth. Micah asked if he could go "hunting ducks" sometime. :)

We had such a fun time! We were exhausted when we left. After lunch at DP Cheesesteaks, we all headed to the swimming pool to finish off our day.

What a great way to celebrate Pioneer Day!

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Jessie said...

I had no idea there was so much to do on the 24th! I feel bad we missed it all!