Friday, August 12, 2011

Sleep Over

While I was in Chicago (I'll post on that later), Heath took the kids to Rexburg for a few days. While they were there, Micah and his cousin, Ethan had a sleepover. These boys have been asking for a sleepover since they were three, so their wish was finally granted. To say they had fun would be and understatement. :)

Heath set up the tent in Gammy's living room. It was complete with bedding for each of them, and the opening was facing the tv, so they could watch movies.

Apparently, no movies were watched, as these two little guys, ages 6 (Micah) and 5 (Ethan) stayed up until 2:30 a.m. chasing each other around the house, and stopping in each room of the house to see if the other inhabitants were still awake.

Thank you to Gammy and daddy for being so patient and allowing them to have the time of their lives. Micah hasn't stopped talking about it since.

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