Monday, January 18, 2010


A few funnies from Micah...
"Mom, you have two choices. We can go to the movie theater, or we can buy toys at Walmart."
Micah's explanation of what it means to be resurrected: "You go to heaven and live with Jesus. Jesus makes you happy. You come back down. Then, Jesus will give us a bunch of money and we can go to Disneyland!"
One day, Micah was going on and on about sharks. He was telling me all about the beach and what sharks eat and how we have to be careful around sharks. I hadn't taught him anything about sharks, so I said, "Wow, Micah! Where did you hear all that?"
His reply, "I didn't hear it anywhere. I just made it up in my own brain."
Micah talking to Abby: "Abby, you can't go to school because you're not big. When you're four, you will be big and you can go to school, ride the bus, and fly."
We laugh a lot around here. :)
P.S. Anyone know why I can't get the spacing on my posts right? When I type out my posts, they are spaced so you can tell where one funny ends and where the next one begins, but when I hit the publish post button, they all run together. UGHHH!


Nathan said...

I love the two choices. I assume you do that to him sometimes. I know I do that to my own daughter. "You can take a bath, or you can sit on your bed."

With the spacing issue, I always type mine in the "Edit HTML" tab instead of the "Compose" tab because the spacing doesn't always work the way I want it to.

Amanda said...

Love it! Micah is such a cutie!

Christine Auernig said...

Hey, I think I've been given those kind of choices before too. Must be a funny four year old thing. Micah sounds super cute.

I think the other comment about the spacing is what I would try too. Anytime I have a weird layout thing, it seems like I can fix it in the "edit HTML" section.

Good luck!