Monday, February 15, 2010

He Just Says the Funniest Things

So the other day, Micah got into Heath's office and came out wearing daddy's swim goggles and swim fins. My parents were here, and knowing that daddy doesn't like the kids getting into the things in his office, my dad told Micah that he should probably take them off. In response, Micah said, "Just worry about yourself. Don't worry about me, grandpa."

The kids and I were watching a dvd the other day and one of the previews looked really cute. I said, "Have you ever seen that at the Redbox?" Micah said, "No, it's not there because it's coming soon to a theater near you."

Have I mentioned that I have the cutest kids ever?


Danielle Christiansen said...

thats cute. i just love the things kids say.

Mills said...

That cracked me up. Both of them. Kids are awesome.

Cami said...

That is SO funny! I laughed out loud!