Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sickness Has Been Upon Us

We have all been sick with the stomach flu, but poor Abby seemed to have gotten the worst of it. Not only has she been throwing up, on and off, for the past 2-weeks, but she also got a severe ear infection. So bad in fact, that we thought her ear drum had ruptured.

This is Abby and how she looked for several straight days. She was so lethargic and just not up to her usual playful self. Here she is watching Dora on So sad. :(

And here is what she woke up to this past Friday. Yuck! Not only was it all over her bed, but it was dried and crusted on the inside of her ear, the outside of her ear, her neck and her hair. I immediately took her to the doctor and discovered that not only did she have a very bad ear infection, she also had a pretty bad back-up of wax going on inside her ear. No wonder the poor girl hasn't felt well.

Abby is on an antibiotic now, and for the first time in several days, I can say with some level of confidence, that I think she is on the upswing.


Amanda said...

I hope she gets feeling better soon! I feel so bad that you guys have all been so sick! Glad she didn't really break her eardrum, though!

Nathan said...

There is nothing worse than feeling completely powerless when your kids are sick.

I'm glad she's on the mend.