Thursday, February 25, 2010


Micah LOVES the Bean Museum. It is probably one of his top 3 things to do (the other two being going to basketball with daddy and going to Mickey Dee's). Here are a few photos from our last trip there. We're going again tomorrow.

Look at the gigantic elephant behind them. Micah honestly believed it was alive. I could not convince him otherwise.

The crocodile. Micah's absolute favorite. That and the stick bug.

The stick bug. He keeps asking for a shirt with a picture of a stick bug on it. If anyone ever sees one, please pick it up for me. :)

Micah and Abby love hot chocolate. They love to stir it themselves. It cracks me up that they eat it with huge chunks of undissolved chocolate floating around on top. Don't their faces show exactly how much they love the stuff? :)

Abby's hair is finally getting long enough to do a few things with. She loves to wear "piggies" right now.

This style is a "pony".

For Valentine's Day, I decorated the kids' bedroom doors. They loved it and just barely let me take the decorations down.

Micah loves to play with his friends. Just about every day, he has someone over, or is over at someone else's house. The other day, Caden, Micah and Treddon (pictured above) were downstairs playing Batman. They were making up their own characters to go along with Batman and Robin. Micah's character was "Gogo Giki." When I asked him what kind of character that was, he replied, "He's a bad guy monkey."
Okay then. :)


The Walch Family said...

I love Abby's "piggies"! Technically, you could buy some of those iron-on transfers and print a picture of the bug he likes onto it. (Then transfer it to a T-shirt.) I'm not sure how big the stick bug T-shirt market is. =)

Amanda said...

The bean museum is awesome! I need to go there more. I totally loved that seminar thing we went to for YW.

Worle said...

Super cute kids! I love the pony tail!