Friday, April 2, 2010


On of the things our family has really enjoyed recently is watching Heath play basketball. He just finished up playing with our ward team and now he is playing on a city league team. Micah especially, has loved going to the games. He loves to get out on the court, during time-outs and half time, to shoot some hoops and run around.

I think it's funny to see how little Micah is compared to all the dad's.

Look at that natural dribbling ability. :)

"Mom, when I have to stop for pictures, I can't concentrate on my basketball skills. Look, you made me lose the ball." (Yes, that is a direct quote.)

Shoot it, honey!

Heath is an awesome basketball player. He can shoot 3's like no other.

He plays defense too.

These pics were all from ward basketball. I'll post some from the city league team soon. That team is lots of fun too because Heath gets to play with his cousin, Tyson, and my brother, Cory. So, not only do the boys get to play ball together, the wives and cousins get to see each other and chat during the games.

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