Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun-filled Easter Weekend

Wow! Did we ever have a fun-filled, busy Easter weekend. It actually started on Thursday, when Gammy came to town. She is out on Spring Break and we were so excited she spent her vacation with us. Since Gammy was in town, and would not be able to be with us on Micah's birthday (4/15), we decided to have an early "pretend" birthday party.
We got balloons and Gammy brought Micah some awesome birthday gifts.

We asked Micah what he wanted to do for his "pretend" birthday party and he said, "Eat pizza, color eggs, and make puppets."

Gammy got Micah a super cool play-doh set. It has a pocket-knife thing that allows you to cut the dough in all sorts of fun shapes, a spaghetti maker, scissors, and tons of cool shape cutters. Micah and Abby have played with this thing non-stop.

Abby was so excited to help with the gift opening.

Micah also got a gorilla and a dinosaur. They really walk and make neat noises, just like the real things.

In addition to the play-doh, gorilla and dinosaur, Micah got the cute orange shirt he is wearing, and a pair of jean shorts.

I call this picture, "Present Envy."

Ahhhh..... Abby finally got to play. :)

After presents, we colored Easter eggs. The shirts definitely had to come off for this activity.

The finished products! I boiled 2 dozen eggs, thinking that would be plenty. Next year, I'll do twice that many. Micah and Abby had a blast and would have colored for hours, had we had more eggs.

Gammy let Micah pick out what he wanted for his "pretend" birthday cake. He chose some cute purple and pink cupcakes with dinosaurs on top.

He couldn't wait to blow out the candles.

Abby certainly enjoyed the cupcakes. She likes anything pink right now, so of course, she dug right into a pink one.

Micah enjoyed a purple one.

He thought it was so funny that he got icing on his tummy.

We ended up playing "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" instead of making puppets.

Daddy's turn.

On Saturday morning, while Micah, Abby and I were taking uncle Beau to the airport, Gammy and daddy set up an Easter egg hunt for us.

Notice the blue egg hiding in the corner, next to the door. Abby purposefully ignored any egg that was not pink.

She finally decided that it was fun to pick up any colored egg. I think she just realized that Micah was getting much more candy.

Abby found the last egg. It was a pink one, hiding in her princess castle.

Examining the loot- Hershey's kisses, miniature candy bars, and even some money! Micah ended up with $.75 and Abby scored $1.60.

After the Easter egg hunt, we came upstairs to find that the Easter Bunny had left baskets full of goodies.

Micah loved his Easter basket!

Heath's work sponsors and annual Easter egg hunt, so we went over there that afternoon. Here is Micah looking for eggs and candy.

After finding all the eggs and candy scattered over the lawn, Micah and Abby took a few minutes to pose for a picture and play on the grass, before heading inside.

Fun on the flag pole.

Abby will do anything Micah does.

Inside, there were lots of fun things to do- like cookie decorating. Of course, Abby colored hers pink. :)

Micah loves to color, so he thought the coloring contest was a great idea. I think he ended up with 3 pictures in the contest.

When Micah sat down to get his face painted, the lady asked him what he wanted. Most kids were bunnies and kitties, but not Micah- he wanted to be Bat Man! The lady was super nice and did her best to accommodate him.

The finished product! Micah was very pleased. :)
Heath works at a nursing home, so one of the residents there dressed up like the Easter Bunny.

Micah was so excited to see the Easter Bunny. He ran up to him, gave him a hug, and said, "Thank you for all the candy." Micah is such a sweet, little boy. He truly loves Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc. It's so cute to see the belief in his eyes.

Abby found a little friend and they tried and tried to figure out how to hoola hoop.

The residents at the facility seemed to really enjoy watching all the children. I think Micah and Abby entertained the entire bunch, all by themselves, as they tried to figure out those darn hoola hoops. It was hilarious!

Micah was so funny to watch. He would put the hoola hoop around his hips and then wiggle his little head. I'm not sure why he thought that would work, but it was so entertaining to watch. :)
We finished off the weekend with conference Sunday and a nice Easter dinner.


Amanda said...

Wow! You did have a busy weekend! I just can't get over how cute your kids are! I especially love the "present envy" photo!

The Walch Family said...

So cute. I love how Abby loves pink. When she was playing with play dough over at our house, she only wanted to play with pink and purple. I love it when girls are really girly like that.

Emily said...

Carrie, I love your kids they are just so cute!! :) I