Monday, April 5, 2010

Science Palooza

I took Micah to the Science Palooza a few weeks ago. Apparently, it's a big event and is held every year. We didn't know about it until this year though. It a blast, so we will definitely be attending every year.

Science stuff is right up Micah's alley. He loves experiments and learning. His preschool teacher even calls him, "The Little Scientist".

This is Micah in front of the building where the Science Palooza was held. He got so excited when he saw this giant air sack. He just knew that great things were in store for him that day.

This experiment was called "Screaming Balloon". You put a washer in a balloon, blew it up, and then if you held it just right, and wiggled it, it would scream. Micah thought it was great and only popped three balloons in the process. :)

I know this isn't a very good picture, but you can see how much fun Micah is having.

The electricity ball didn't really work on Micah's hair. It was crazy though to see some of the little girls that had long hair. Their hair literally stood on end.

Making Root Beer

This was Micah's favorite spot. We actually ended up making Root Beer twice. :)

The Mad Scientist show. Micah wanted to know if he was a "real" mad scientist.

Making homemade bubbles.

The only thing better than making bubbles, is getting to blow them. :)

Micah LOVES rocks, so imaging his excitement when we found an entire table of them.
He was absolutely fascinated. He and this sweet, BYU student, had a conversation about each and every rock. She was very patient and explained to Micah where each rock was found, what it's name was, how it was formed, etc. I actually think she liked that he was so interested.

Micah loved the rocks so much, he asked if he could take this one home.
There was an entire room dedicated to learning about "Our Bodies in Motion".

Micah had a blast running up and down, around, up and over, inside and out....

Not sure how he did it, but he was able to balance this ring all by himself. He was the only kid in there that could do it.
He loved this tunnel. He crawled through it at least 10 times.

Probably his favorite part of the room was this ramp. He especially loved rolling down it. He got good use out of it and even tried his own experiment with it. He tried to roll up it. He quickly figured out that it doesn't work as easily and rolling down.
There were so many more experiments, but my camera died. We will definitely visit the Science Palooza again next year. In fact, we drove by the building today, and Micah reminded me that I told him we could go next year. I'm sure he will remind me frequently too. :)

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Nathan said...

I'm sure our daughter would love it too. We'll have to get the details from you.