Thursday, April 8, 2010


Tonight, we made puppets. Micah has been wanting to for awhile now. Here are our family works of art. I'm sure we'll be playing with these things for hours and hours and hours tomorrow.

A vampire. This was our first puppet. When we sat down to work on our puppets, Micah knew exactly what he wanted to do. I started it, and he added the details like the buttons, arms and teeth. He is so proud of this.

A Wild Thing. It started out as a monster and then when we made the horns, Micah thought it looked just like one of the Wild Things from the book, "Where the Wild Things Are".

A bug. I thought it was quite creative of Micah to make one that stands up.

A butterfly. Abby added the beautiful color to the face and body, while Micah decorated the wings.

A clown. I had much greater expectations for this one, in my mind. The curls on top just didn't turn out right. Nor did the hat. Oh well, Micah and Abby think it's great. :)

Charlotte, from "Charlotte's Web". This is the one daddy made. I'm not going to tell him it looks more like a dead spider. :)

Abby didn't like just being a contributor to the puppet making project. She wanted to make her own. She did not want anything to do with the glue, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, or colored paper. She just wanted to color to her little heart's content with the markers (things she normally does not get to use).

Puppet making is not something we have ever done together, but we all had a blast doing it. Next up, a puppet show! Stay tuned....

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Nathan said...

I love that your daughter had to get in on the action and do one on her own.

That sounds just like our daughter.