Sunday, August 28, 2011


Anyone that knows Abby, knows that she is always happy, smiling, and that she loves to play with friends! So, in honor of Abby, here she is with three of her besties.

This is Emmy.
I can't believe this is the best pic I have of her. I will fix that ASAP. :)
She gets Abby and thinks like her. When Abby & Emmy are together, it's lot of running, jumping, dancing, and gymnastics. They spend a lot of time on the trampoline or dancing to music on the radio.

This is Abby & Isabelle.
These girls are hilarious! Both are very feisty, and want to be in charge. Neither of them is going to let the other one be the boss. They like to hug each other, play dress up, and play "house" in the Dora doll house.

This is Abby & Maylee.
They both love barbies and playing mommies. They also LOVE to watch "Tangled". Maylee lets Abby do her hair too. She usually leaves with a completely different look then when she came. :)

Here's to good friends and lots of fun!


Heidi said...

so Cute! Your such a Great mom!

The Walch Family said...

Isabelle loves Abby, too. I've noticed different behaviors with Isabelle and her different friends. With some they're a bit quieter and just pretend a lot. With Abby, there is near constant giggling. I love hearing those two girls giggle! We're glad Abby lives close by!