Sunday, August 21, 2011


Micah starts 1st grade tomorrow. I always get so excited for him to enter a new stage in life, but I also get a bit sad about him growing out of a stage too. As I sit here tonight, and look at his back pack all packed up, his new clothes laid out, and his lunch money sitting on the counter, I can't help but mourn a bit for my baby.

Being Micah's mom is a blessing. A joy. A pleasure. An honor. The best thing that has ever happened to me. He has taught me more than I could ever teach him. He is loving. Kind. Sweet. Helpful. A good big brother. Smart. Active. A goof-ball. A tease. Hilarious. A good friend. A great playmate. Talented.

I know these qualities will take Micah far in life, but for his new adventure tomorrow, I hope they help him feel confidant. I hope they help him make new friends. I hope they make him feel smart. I hope they make him feel like he can accomplish anything.

Good luck tomorrow, Micah!

This is Micah on his last day of Kindergarten.

Micah made this for his 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Jepsen. He's really proud of it and excited to give it to her.

Every night before Micah goes to bed, I ask him, "Why do I love you so much?" To this he replies, "Because I made you a mom!"

Thank you, Micah, for the greatest gift of my life!

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Jessie said...

Oh my heck he is so cute! You are one lucky Mama!

I love how the J turned out! Amazing!