Friday, August 26, 2011

Micah's First Day of School

Micah just completed his first week of 1st grade. And, he LOVED it!

Here are a few pics to document his first day...

Micah has become quite concerned about what he wears to school. The problem is, he isn't as fashion savvy as I would like him to be. He wants shirts with weird pictures, and I want him to look like a well-dressed little man. So, we had to compromise this year. I can handle pics on shirts, as long as they look nice. So, we bought every single one that the Gap or Children's Place had to offer. They have the vintage looking ones. Some have old school pics, which I love, and others have current pics, which Micah loves. So, it was a win win. :)

After much contemplation, he settled on this Spiderman tee, denim shorts, and his brand new Puma shoes. He looks adorable (if I do say so myself)!

Micah loves his new backpack!

I actually bought it at Hanna Andersen in Chicago. I had never heard of that store, but can I just say, I'm hooked? Fortunately, my brother lives in Chicago, so I'll be putting in requests every time he comes out to visit.

Getting ready to line up, with friends, Anthony, Levi, and Treddon.

Mrs. Jepsen's 1st Grade class!

Micah was really excited to give his teacher the gift he made for her. Here he is, waiting anxiously to give it to her.

Micah was so nervous to go to the front of the line, when his name was called. But, he did it! I'm a proud mama everyday, but especially when he does something that is so hard for him.

All lined up and ready to enter their new classroom!

See ya later, mom! I'm off to class now!

The week ended today. Now, we'll party it up this weekend because next week, two hours will be added onto the day.

Hope next week is as fabulous as this week!

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