Saturday, October 17, 2009

Micah & Abby

This is how I found Abby the other day... reading to herself. She was saying things like, "pretty," "book," "rella (Cinderella)."

Micah and Abby were so excited when they got to pick these pumpkins from our garden. We only got two, but as long as they each got one, they were happy. Micah took the big one and gave the smaller one to Abby. He said, "You can't hold this one, Abby. You don't have enough strong."
Every year, Gammy sends Micah and Abby a Halloween package. One of the items in this year's package was a foam "Haunted Tree" kit. Here are the kids with the finished product. They are so proud of it.

The other day, Micah and his friend, Micah (yep) were walking around with their arms around each other saying, "We're best friends." How fun is it to have your best friend live right across the street and have the same name as you?


the coltons said...

cute, cute, cute!!!

Lydia said...

How perfect to get two pumkins. Just enough for your two cute kids.

Beau said...

I love Micah.