Thursday, October 29, 2009

Popi's Funeral

Popi's funeral was on Monday. It was so sad to say "goodbye for now," but was a beautiful tribute to a wonderful man.

Heath and his brothers, as well as all of Michael's brothers were the Pallbearers.
The casket is identical to the one Jared was buried in.

My mother-in-law, Jean Ann. Words can not even express the depth of her sadness.
Popi loved Michael Jordan. The boys had this floral arrangement made special for him. I know he would have loved it.
Heath, Ian, Jeremy, Jean Ann, and Josh. There are two empty spaces in this picture. Jared and Michael are missed so much.

Heath and his aunt, Susan.

This isn't a very good picture, but I was touched at the way Ian took care of his mom at the graveside ceremony. It was so sweet and loving.

Great grandpa Garner. He lost his wife in July, his grandson in August, and now his son, in October.

Jared's headstone. He is buried right next to Popi.

The back of Jared's headstone. This was the first time we had seen the headstone. It was hard to see it and to see Michael's final resting place right next to it.
We love you, Popi!


Nathan said...

This life really is tenuous. I'm sorry all of this has happened in such a short amount of time.

Katie Lane said...

I'm so sorry Carrie. That is too much to handle. you've been in our thoughts and prayers. hope you are doing well.