Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where o Where Has My Patience Gone?

I'll be the first to admit that I am not a very patient person. The last several days however, my patience seems to be completely gone. I know having patience is a choice, and by not exercising it, it shows how truly weak I am.
In the midst of all that has happened the past few months, I seem to have forgotten that I am so blessed. Even when I am at my wit's end and have yelled at my kids for the umpteenth time, they seem to amaze me. Like today, I yelled at Abby for not getting her shoes on. Hello! She's only two. And Micah, I yelled at him for not putting the pillows back on the couch correctly. Like he has any idea what order the pillows should be in. Even after all that, Abby still wanted me to hold her tonight when she somehow got spooked in the dark. She snuggled her little head up into my neck and then relaxed her whole body as if to say, "I know you're struggling with your patience right now mom, but your touch still makes me feel better." And then Micah, instead of being defensive with me for yelling at him, he comes up to me and says, "Mom, remember, we are happy when we all work together."
Here are a few reminders of how blessed I really am...

I had to run to WalMart today, and as I usually do lately, I got inpatient and frustrated with the kids for doing whatever it was they were doing. And because I was being inpatient, I decided that we would just grab McDonald's for dinner on our way out. After we ordered, we took the food to the car to eat when we got home. I had strapped the kids into their car seats when I reached into the bag and took out a french fry. As I put it into my mouth, Micah said, "I want one." Jokingly (really), I said, "No, it's mine." To which Micah replied, "Mom, don't you know what it means to share?"
Doesn't Abby look cute? Everyday, she lets me indulge myself and dress her up in what I think are adorable little ensembles. She's patient with me as I play with her hair, dress her, and usually even accessorize her.
After all of this, how can I not be patient, especially with my sweet children who love me unconditionally and forgive me daily for my weaknesses? Starting right now, I'm going to try harder. I will be more patient. My kids deserve it. :)

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Amanda said...

You're allowed to have times when you're not patient. Most of the time you do a super awesome job, and you have been under lots of stress. That's why kids are so forgiving! So that we can be humans and still be a good mom!