Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Yeah for Daddy!

Rarely do a I blog about anything other than the kids and what fun things they are doing. Today, I want to give a great big shout out to the silent strength in our family- dad!
This summer has been a difficult one for our family, and especially for Heath. Not only was he laid off from his job in May, but he lost his grandmother in July, and his brother in August. During this time he was also called to be the Stake Young Men's President. Amidst all the pain, I watched him dedicate himself to looking for jobs, helping with funeral plans and expenses, and learn and carry out a very time consuming new calling. And, just like he always does, he did it with a quiet respect and courage. I think I took that strength for granted, and when Jared died, I saw Heath's vulnerability, maybe for the first time in my life. He let us be there for him. But, he plowed through the pain and frustration and kept being the great dad and husband that he has always been.
After a summer full of pain and disappointment, Heath was offered a job last week. It's a great job and I think he will really enjoy it. One of the best things about it is that it is just down the street, so Heath can come home for lunch. It's fun to be able to see dad in the middle of the day.
Anyway, here are a few pics of Heath and the many ways he makes our lives so good.

I think we need a new family picture. :)

Heath and Micah at Lower Mesa Falls in Idaho.

Here is Heath reffing a Stake YM flag football game. Most Thursday's, you can find him on the field, officiating some kind of tournament that he has put together for the boys in our stake.
We love you, dad!


the coltons said...

heath, you're cool :) really, you're a great dad and husband. keep it up!!

Danielle Christiansen said...

I am getty with glee for you guys!!! So exciting. Congrats Heath!!!

Christine said...

Hey Carrie,
I am so glad to hear about the new job! One of these days I am going to sit down & send you a sickeningly long email.....glad you guys are doing well.

Nathan said...

Thank goodness! My brother is going through the same thing losing his job, and it's a horrible experience. I'm relieved that everything has worked out.