Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Micah's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Micah started school today. He was so excited! He got right out of bed this morning, picked out his clothes, and was ready to leave before I was even dressed. He is ready to be a "big kid" and wanted to ride his scooter to school by himself. Unfortunately, mom has to tag along. :)

Here he is, all dressed up and ready to go.

I can not believe my baby is in school. He's ready. I'm not. :)

This is Miss Mook. Micah was so excited to be in her class. She has a strong science background and believes in incorporating that into the Kindergarten classroom. Micah wants to be a "Scientist" when he grows up, so I think she is the perfect teacher for him.

This is where Micah will be sitting.

His locker. He loves his new backpack. It's the silver, black, and lime green one. He thought it was cool that his locker is right next to his friend, Levi.

Micah's cubby.

Micah's classroom. Doesn't it look like a fun place to be?

The kids line up, outside their classroom in the morning. Here is Miss Mook putting Micah's name sticker on him.

All line up and ready to go.

I was so impressed with Miss Mook this morning. She handled the kids (and parents) so well. I'm not sure I would want a gazillion parents watching me on the first day of work. But, she was prepared, kind, and oh so patient.

Micah handled things really well until it was time to leave the classroom and go visit the lunchroom. For some reason, that made him nervous, and instead of getting in line, he ran over to me and clinged to my leg. He kept saying, "I want to go with you" over and over. It was breaking my heart to see him that nervous about something. I reassured him (several times) and finally got him back in the line. As they left the classroom, I took that as my cue to exit. So, as Micah faded into the hallway, I left.

Fortunately, I ran into one of my friends (who was dropping her son off in another classroom), so I walked home with her. It was a good thing, because I was choking back the tears the whole way. As soon as I left her house, the tears started coming. I keep thinking of Micah and hoping he is okay. I keep hoping he feels more comfortable and that he will open up so Miss Mook and all the other kids can see what a wonderful kid he is. I know he will, I just hope it happens soon.

I can't quite figure out why this is such an emotional experience for me. I guess it's just the realization that he's not my little guy any more. He's growing up and it has happened so fast. In five short years he has grown into such a sweet, kind, handsome, smart, active, curious boy. No longer is he the baby that needed to hold my hand each step of the way. This is a step he has to take on his own. I can't be there with him, but you can bet, I will be there waiting to hear all about it.

Can't wait....

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Beau said...

Carrie!! Micah really is an amazing person. I can't believe how much this little guy has affected my life. It is ok if he brings you to tears, he has that affect on me too. Love you guys and can't wait to hear about Micah's first day!!!