Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Some "Firsts" for Abby

Abby has really missed having Micah at home during the day. She wanders around, checking his room, to see if he has magically returned since the last time she checked. To fill her time, I put her in a dance class and a Waterford computer class.

Here is Abby all dressed up and ready for her first day of dance class. She could not wait to get there. She was literally bouncing off the walls, she was so excited.

Abby picked this leotard all by herself. When she saw this one, she knew it was the one. She twirled around in it so many times, she actually fell down from being so dizzy.

Abby is very social. So, first thing she did when we got to class, was go introduce herself to a new friend. This little girl's leotard had a pretty, sparkly heart on the front of it. Abby admired it.

The teacher handed out a dance schedule. Abby is studying it hard. She doesn't want to miss a thing.

Here she is giving me that look, like, "Oh mom! Would you just leave already?"

And here is Abby just before we left for the computer class. I've been telling her that we are going to "her school". She was so excited and kept telling me that she is "big" now.

It's so true too. Abby is getting so big. She can do so many things and definitely has her own opinions. She is happy, loving, a social butterfly, and tons of fun to be around. She can he feisty and even naughty at times, but we love her so much and wouldn't change anything about her.

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Emily said...

Oh Abby looks so cute in her little dance outfit, and she looks so happy that you can't help but smile too!! :)