Sunday, September 5, 2010

Scary Experience

Last night, we were in Saratoga Springs for my nephews 2nd birthday. While we were there, Micah learned to ride a bike w/o training wheels. He was so excited and took off riding it. As he rode down the sidewalk, the sidewalk became steeper and steeper, and he started to go faster and faster. I could see that he didn't know what to do to stop himself and that he was panicking. I didn't know what to do myself, so I started running down the sidewalk after him. All I could do was run and say a silent prayer, asking for that he wipe-out in the vacant field off to the left of the sidewalk, other than keep going and hit a mailbox or a car. As Micah was screaming, I was running behind him, as fast as I could go. Just then, his bike slipped out from under him and threw him into the vacant field. He landed right in a giant bush. When I got to him, he was screaming, mostly because he was scared. His right leg was twisted a bit, and Micah said that he thought his ankle was broken. So, I proceeded cautiously as I removed him from the bush. Quickly, I could see that his ankle was not broken. In fact, there was very minimal blood (mainly from scratches). The only real injury was that his little legs were covered in small, super fine, thorns. Once I removed them, they didn't even leave a mark.

After things had calmed down from the excitement of this situation, I sat on the grass and realized just how lucky we were. Micah could have easily been seriously hurt, but he wasn't. He was watched over last night by someone much more powerful than me. :)

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